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Hotel on the beach
in Brittany

Endowed with a wealth and diversity of natural and cultural resources, Brittany offers you a multitude of places to get out, have fun and learn something new.

Photo - Sports

Sports and Leisure

Interested in exercise and exploration? Close to the hotel, you will find a broad selection of sports and leisure activities.

Fishing, sailing, scuba diving, canoeing and kayaking, land-sailing, kite surfing, etc. - all here in Brittany! Take full advantage of our hotel’s seaside location!

Get out and enjoy our natural setting as well: mountain biking (bikes provided by the hotel), walks on our hiking trails along the coastline and/or the beach, horseback riding, etc.

Our staff is ready to help you organise outings near the hotel, either before or after your arrival. For family fun, check out the following:

  • Oceanopolis in Brest, is simultaneously a museum, a theme park, a zoo and an educational park about the sea.
  • Aquashow in Audienne, has the largest collection in Brittany of salt-water and fresh-water fish in giant tanks.
  • Odet Loisirs in Elliant, is a theme park for the entire family.
  • Ya’Ka, in Locronan, offers rock climbing, via corda and tree-trails, both day and night.
  • Guided boat tours: Morgat caves, the Odet, etc.
Photo - Festivals


Interested in getting out and discovering new styles of music? There are a number of Breton festivals not far from our hotel.

  • Every year for more than 1500 years, on the last Sunday in August, the Saint-Anne’s “Pardon” Festival is held in Sainte-Anne la Palud. It is one of the grandest and oldest “pardon” festivals in Brittany, and includes religious festivities and a parade in Breton costumes.
    In 2013 (Saturday, 24th August - Tuesday, 27th August): the 100th anniversary of the crowning of Sainte Anne - Procession bearing the granite statue of Sainte Anne, weighing nearly 360 kg.
  • Cournouaille Festival in Quimper, in July: a festival of Breton traditions - songs, dances and costumes.
  • Festival of the Ancient Plows, in Charhaix-Plouguer, the largest music festival in France.
  • Festival at the End of the World, on the Crozon peninsula. Three days of concerts featuring music from round the world, held the first weekend in August.
Photo - Musees

Museums, Historic Sites and Monuments

Interested in broadening your horizons and setting off to learn about our cultural heritage? Superb Breton museums and historic sites await you.

  • The museum and port of Dournenez are devoted to the ships and people of Brittany and elsewhere.
  • The Saint-Corentin cathedral, in Quimper, offers a special attraction: the change in line-of-sight between the nave and the choir.
  • The Breton Departmental Museum is located in the former Bishops’ Palace in Cornouaille, one of the most remarkable historic sites in Quimper.
  • The Trévarez Estate contains an immense, rose-coloured castle from the early 20th century, with 85 hectares of English-style grounds.
  • The museum of the ancient Abbey of Landevennec, set in the centre of a nature preserve, tells the story of how monastic life developed starting in the 6th century.
  • The museum at the famous Henriot porcelain works, in Quimper.
  • The fishermen’s museum at the centre of the town of Close de Concarneau.
Photo - Iles

Spectacular isles, landscapes and lighthouses

Interested in exploring the Finistère region and discovering refreshing, delightful landscapes? Brittany invites you to discover its many facets. 

  • The Ar-Men lighthouse, 34 m in height, is the best-known lighthouse in France.
  • The Isle of Sein, separated from Raz Point by an 8-kilometre stretch of sea, is 1.7 km in length.
  • The Glénan archipelago is highly appreciated for its wealth of nature. Upon disembarking at Saint-Nicolas, the largest of the twelve isles, you may wish to set off to discover the Glénan Narcissus or dive down to search for sea horses, sea hares or cuttlefish.
  • The Isle of Ouessant, the isle at land’s end, last landfall before the Americas, hosts a major bird preserve with some 150-200 species in permanent residence. Also explore its cliffs with their secret streams...
  • Molène is the largest isle in the group of that same name, and has 9 principal smaller isles.
  • Raz Point is one of those grandiose sites where land and sea struggle for final dominance.
  • The reserve at Cap Sizun is a nature preserve that showcases the splendours of wild wetlands.
  • The Crozon peninsula has exceptional geological resources.
  • The town of Locronan was awarded a label as one of the most beautiful villages in France, due to its substantial architectural heritage.