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Gastronomic restaurant
near Quimper

Hotel de la Plage, with its gastronomic restaurant and menu, offers a number of tasty delights. A 4-star, Relais et Châteaux hotel, it promises precious moments by the sea.

Photo - Vue panoramique

Panoramic view of the sea

Whether on our terrace or through the grand bay windows of our dining room, you will enjoy an exceptional view of the sea.

Close your eyes whilst seated at a table next to the bay windows, let yourself be gently rocked by the murmur of the waves and savour the myriad smells of the seashore.

Open your eyes and take in the sea, the to-and-fro of the waves on the beach and the endless horizon.

At our restaurant near Quimper, whether on the terrace or in the dining room, enjoy a welcoming atmosphere and the service of our attentive staff to make your time at water’s edge truly pleasant.

On sunny days and in fair weather, we offer a basic, “Bar & Grille” style menu (catch of the day, oysters, salads, etc.) on the terrace at noon. 

You may contact us or book a table
by phone at: +33 (0) 2 98 92 50 12,
or by e-mail at:

Photo - Mets raffines

Refined dishes between land and sea

Our chef and kitchen staff prepare dishes with minute care and offer all food lovers a truly wonderful experience!

Sweet or savoury delights, seafood treasures or local products, our menu offers you refined and hearty dishes.

Langoustines à la plancha, grilled lobster, sea scallops with aiguillettes, filet mignon from the Limousin region, lamb and veal from Le Ponclet, a little farm in the center of Finistère.

These refined dishes take on a special flavour when served in such a setting: a panoramic view of the sea and, all around you, an endless beach of fine sand.

A unique setting, combined with high-quality products and sensual, fine cuisine, make our restaurant at Hotel de la Plage a temptation to indulge your senses and your mind.

You may contact us or book a table
by phone at: +33 (0) 2 98 92 50 12,
or by e-mail at:

Photo - Le Chef

Our Chef

Passionately enthusiastic and ever-inspired when it comes to fine eating, our Chef, Yoann NOEL, offers you a menu filled with delights.

Yoann NOEL and his staff “man the decks” in our restaurant kitchen.

Yoann started his carrer with a BEP-CAP cooking diploma in 1998. During a few years, the Chef traveled around France, working in several renowned restaurant where he acquired more and more experience, for example: "Les Prés d'Eugénie, Michel Guérard, Delphin Restaurant, Chanzy Restaurant in Nantes, The Tsanteleina, Val d'Isère...

Strengthened by these experiences, Yoann Noel then decided to continue his career as Private Chef for celebrities or in prestigious Chalets such as Chalets Pearl, Val d'Isère.

His string of successes is never ending and his appetite for learning is unquenchable.

At the helm of the restaurant for several years now, he is constantly trying out new tastes in order to delight even the most cultivated palates.

Photo - Informations

Information and bookings

Give in to temptation and come spend a relaxing time among epicures and gourmets at the Hotel de la Plage restaurant!

For the children:
Our kids’ menu is suited to their needs and we offer quick service.

Days and Times:
Our restaurant is open every evening.
Our restaurant is closed
at noon on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

You may contact us or book a table
by phone at: +33 (0) 2 98 92 50 12,
or by e-mail at: